Monday, June 3, 2013

KUSTOM KULTURE 2013: Party with the Hessians

Dirk and Axel partying

Dirk with gets raped by some "girls" ...hihihi....

...but it seems as if he would like it...hahahah....

"Mr. Old Parts" himself: Wolfi from Friedberg

Dirk with Vosen and his girlfriend Gabi

Now Dirk gets wanked by absolutely real women (Gabi and Tanja) and seems a little bit disorientated and too tired now....höhöhöhö.....

Jefe in action

Dan Collins together with Dirk

Dan Collins together with Jefe

Dirk is blowin´me...hahahahah....

Dirk, Dan Collins, me and Jefe

Jefe and Dirk relaxing at the couch at night in the punk- rock- tent after partying with two bands 

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