Monday, June 3, 2013

KUSTOM KULTURE 2013: Mark from Aerzen / Hameln

Udo from Drolshagen and Mark from Aerzen discussin´old iron stuff....

Mark´s inspecting Choppermoelles "Golden Digger"

Mark´s Rigid Shovelhead- Chopper on the showground

I love Mark´s bike and love his style...absolutely nice bro and the perfect guy to hang up with on an event like that...

Mark´s partying at the beer- tent....together with Nato and Udo from Neuss and his wife and a girlfriend of the wife of Udo

Udo from Neuss, me and Mark.

Was fun to hang out with you, bro !

We drove together the first kilometers home from the showground in Herten...two party- guys with Apehanger- that feel ridin´together with Apes...hope, you arrived without no further technical problems, bro ! 

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