Thursday, June 6, 2013


A friend of Fonzo, me and Fonzo

Nato and Udo from Neuss with Mark

That´s me, Nick and his wife, Dirk and Mark

and Dean Micetich and Jefe

...and again, cause it was toooo funny....

...repairin´the Pan on the campground...

...some visitors of the 1000 HILLS RUN last year from Bochum...

President of the Earls MC Bochum

Micha, Vce President of FREE EAGLES MC Ahaus and Delle LOM

...Presi of Earls MC and Arthur, both from Bochum...

Second from the left side: Rüdiger from Dortmund and his Panhead

The one and only: Lutz, organizer of the nice and pretty

Jan, Marc and Matze from Soest

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