Thursday, June 6, 2013

KUSTOM KULTURE 2013: The Merchandise- tent

Jeff Wright´s CoC- merchandise- market stand:

Dean behind the DICE- merchandise- market stand:

DICE- Dean and the father of Dan Collins

Dan Collins at his OLD GOLD GARAGE- market stand:

A customer and Kutty Noteboom at his HIPPY KILLER GARAGE- market stand:

CoC Jeff is photograhin´me while I´m photograhin´him..hihihi....right beside him sits Paul Funk

You could win this Ironhead- Sporty at the FLAKE KINGS- marketstand: 

This Sporty was built by Hagen, sittin left...

70´s- helmets Italy:

Some guys from GT sellin´parts on the car- parkingground

That´s me, Nick, Dirk and Mark

Jacko from Holland, who pinstriped my helmet at a Rogues- mc- party in Opmeer, is pinstripin a customer- bike- fender at his market- stand

"T- Shirt- fashion- producer" ..hihihi... Jeff Wright is sellin´stuff...

...CoC- T-shirts with new design and new stickers:

Hagen with his belgium friend, Jeff Wright and Paul Funk relaxing at a couch in front of the merchandising- tent on the bikeshow- showground.

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