Thursday, June 6, 2013

KUSTOM KULTURE 2013: The Custom Cycle Crew from Wickede

Vosen and Choppermoelle

Choppermoelles actual ride: First place "Japanese" on this show for his "Golden Digger"

Vosen, Mark and Choppermoelle

That´s what Choppermoelle calls a sandwich

Mark, Vosen and Moelle behind Matze´s Triumph

Vosen and his XS 650 in a Triumph- rigid frame

Moelle and his Award- winning "Golden- Digger" - CB 550

Marc, Matze, Mark, Vosen and Moelle

Andy´s new designt XS 650

Vosen and Matze startin´the engines

...Vosen´s kickin....

....and kickcin´....

.....and off he goes....

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