Monday, June 20, 2011

Bottrop Custom Culture 2011: HIPPY KILLER & DICE

On Friday, you got time and space to talk to other bikeshow- member without too much public ...great chance to meet interesting people and to talk about their motorcycles.

Kutty Noteboom ( ) is a cool cat and a nice person to talk with about cycling, films and stuff in general...real fun to meet him and to talk with him...

That´s Toto, Kutty, me and Andybar.

That´s DICE- editor Dean Micetich and me ...he offered to sponsor the 1000 HILLS RUN 2012 next year and I said "Yes, Sir, that would really be cool...thanx for that" ...hihihi.....

That´s Mario, Vosen, Kutty and Choppermoelle at the Bikeshow- tent

That´s me talkin´to Customizer Kurt ( )

That´s me , two Austrians, who´s bikes were in the "Premium-tent", Choppermoelle, Toto, Mario and Vosen ( ) makin´party on the Showground.

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